Six Ways to Conserve the Water Using

Water is very common needing which is must be available anytime. There are lot of our activities which involved water as main component, like washing the dishes, taking a bath, and drinking. We are suggested to drink about 8 glasses of water each day to conduct blood circulation and also to conduct the digestion system. It is ought to realize that we must keep this resource eventhough it won’t entirely done, but the amount of clean water is decreasing, moreover, in the crowd populated city.

The clean water facilitating must be fluent and all of people can use it. But due to tree cutting activity, the green area turned into lodging and the river became the place where people dispose their trash of. This makes the clean water isn’t easy to get. Therefore, let us do this easy and simply way of conserving the water.

1. Use the Water for Taking a Bath Wisely

We often spend much water with a thrust when we’re taking a bath. To conserve the water using we must use the shower. And before you wash your shampoo up hair, you can soap up your body then rinse it together. So, you can use that water for rinse your hair and your body in once.

2. Make Sure It Work Well When You Closed the Faucet

When we are in hurry, sometimes we do not close the faucet clearly. The unperfectly closed faucet will make the water tossed out, no charge. So, make sure that it perfectly closed before you left. So, the water will not tossed out useless.

3. Repair the Leakage

There must be one thing you don’t know that your water drainage in your house is to be leaky. That leakage wil make the water flow and tossed out from the pipe. Therefore you must check your water drainage. And if there are outflow happen, just fix it. By doing that, you’ve already conserve the using of water.

4. Use the Water for Washing the Dishes Wisely

We often use much of water when we feel that our dishes is very cruddy, so that our dishes will be clean. However, that thing isn’t right enough because we’re doing water wasting. Bathe the dishes first with a little amount of water, closed your faucet, soap up all the dishes, then rinse it together; organize the water flow wisely.

5. Use the Water for Washing the Clothes Wisely

Wash your clother which is not dirty enough first, then wash your dirtier clothes. This way is a easy way to conserve the water using.

6. Use the  Erstwhile Water to Shower the Plant

The last way to conserve the water using is to reuse the erstwhile water. You must imagine that the erstwhile water is dirty and can not be used anymore. However, the erstwhile that you’ve used for clean your vegetables and fruits is capable to use it again; to shower the plants. We can gather it in a bucket first. It is easy, isn’t?

Those are the six easy and simply ways to conserve the using of water. Conserve the water is not only conserve your budget but also save the environment. So let us do this, shall we?

Econews/Liya Amaliyah

Translated By Monita


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