Besides Healthy, This Lifestyle Can Save Environment!

Our ears are no longer foreign to the issue of global warming, the greenhouse effect and the depletion of the ozone layer on our beloved earth. In fact, it’s now often called climate change and is still discussed by various parties. These problems are inseparable from human physical activity, which requires us to be ready to face environmental damage whenever and wherever. Various “insecurities” of nature that appear began to move our conscience through various communities, organizations, institutions, parties and companies that campaigned the green environment. In droves, they invited the community and young people to take action to save the environment, starting from the Clean Up Day movement, National Waste Care Day, and others. However, do you know? You can also take action to save the environment without having to join a community first, just through the lifestyle you live in! There are at least three things you can do to protect the earth from environmental damage.

  1. Becoming Vegetarian to Reduce Global Warming

Being vegetarian not only makes your body healthier but you can also save the environment. A study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences states that humans can actually save billions of dollars from hospital costs and die from greenhouse gas emissions. The condition is, all humans must consume less animal meat.

The relation between global warming and the vegetarian lifestyle is one of the organizations formed by the United Nations, FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) which released a report in 2006, that the world livestock industry contributed 18% of greenhouse gases. This percentage is much higher than environmental pollution due to the pollution of world motor vehicles which only accounted for 13.5%. High pollution from the livestock industry comes from electricity, transportation, methane pollutants from animal bodies, and its sewage.

This makes us aware that if we eat meat every day we will further aggravate the environmental damage. By not consuming meat is the right step to participate in saving the earth.

2. Cycling to Save the Environment from CO2 Gas Emissions

We have often heard that by cycling we already do light exercise without fuel and make the heart healthier. The only fuel needed is calories to ride a bicycle. In addition to nourish the heart, cycling also save the environment because it can reduce CO2 gas produced from the combustion of motorized vehicles. So in terms of the environment, cycling is one of the safest transportation to be used as a form of environmental rescue action because bicycles do not use fuel so that it does not produce CO2. Imagine how much carbon dioxide is produced from motorized vehicles around the world every day. So don’t leave the cycling habit because by cycling you have contributed to saving the environment from damage.

3. No Smoking can Reduce Air Pollution

Smoking is an unhealthy lifestyle. We all already know that in the cigarette package there is a warning “smoking kills you!” In cigarettes there are more than 70 chemicals that can be harmful to health if consumed in a long time. Not only the substances contained in cigarettes, the smoke produced from burning cigarettes is no less dangerous so that people who inhale cigarette smoke will be more at risk for diseases such as coronary heart disease, cancer, respiratory diseases and so on compared with people who smoke cigarette.

Besides being harmful to health, the smoke from cigarettes can cause air pollution. Healthy air will become unhealthy with the presence of cigarette smoke, so cigarette smoke is one of the causes of air pollution. Therefore, by not smoking we can have a healthy body and a healthy environment.

Every day we feels more the effects of environmental damage, as humans living on earth we must play a role in safeguarding the earth from more severe damage. By doing the three lifestyles above, we have been able to take action to save the environment without having to join an environmental care organization.

Eco News – Liya Amaliyah

Translated by Bobby

Reference article : PENGARUH MASALAH LINGKUNGAN GLOBAL TERHADAP MANUSIA accessed at 12 September 2018 from (

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