Color Your Day with Colorful Houses at Jodipan-Malang

In East Java, precisely in the city of Malang there are slums and poorly maintained villages. But, now there are many fans from outside and inside the city.
The Origin of Kampung Warna-Warni Malang

Starting from the idea of ​​colorful villages in the city of Malang, this was initiated by a group of students who were doing a practicum of Public Relations (PR) in the Communication Science of Muhammadiyah University of Malang. This practicum is the task of PR II courses which require students to hold an event and its management by cooperating with institutions or companies.

A group of students consisting of 8 people included Dinni Anggraeni, Nabila Firdausyiah, Ira Yulia Astutik, Salis Fitria, Ahmad Wiratman, Fahd Afdallah Ramadhan, Wahyu Fitri and Elmi Rukhiatun.

Juanda village in Jodipan, which is known as slum, has become cleaner and can change resident’s behavior regarding sanitation and the habits of residents who often throw garbage in the river. Juanda village was selected because its location can be seen directly from the Embong Brantas Bridge, Gatot Subroto Street, so that when it is painted, it will be an interesting sight. The inspiration of this colorful village comes from colorful checkered houses in Favela Village, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Guyspro then offered this idea to local people and this idea was immediately approved. Furthermore, to realize the concept of this colorful village, Guyspro invited PT. Inti Daya Guna Aneka Warna (INDANA). PT INDANA makes Kampung Warna Warni a part of their CSR program, as a form of social care for the city of Malang. Finally this CSR program runs under the name “Decofresh Warnai Jodipan”.

Painting the walls to the roof of every house in this village, they involve mural community and artists. The painting was done by painters provided by PT Indana, Guyspro team and local residents. For painting high houses, assistance was obtained from Battalion 464 Pasukan Khas (Paskhas) of the Indonesian Air Force.

Residents who do not participate in painting usually help in matters of consumption and so forth. The number of houses painted in Jodipan reached 100 units. The amount of paint spent on coloring this colorful village reaches 3 tons of Decofresh with 15 colors variant.

After finishing the paint, the village immediately attracted the attention of people who crossed the bridge and made tourist visits to Juanda village increase. Residents who used to lack the cleanliness of the village and often throw garbage in the river are now embarrassed to do so because of the large number of tourists who come.
The plan of the student group who wants to change the behavior of the local community about sanitation and hygiene turns out to have a tremendous impact, not only the behavior of the local community is changing, but creating a new tourist attraction in the city of Malang that is able to bring more than 500 tourists on weekends. The economy of the local community is also better, especially those who open kiosk businesses, shops, stalls and so on.
Not only the Juanda village in Jodipan Village, the village north of the river (Kesatrian Village), is also painted with the concept of 3 dimensional images dominating the walls of the resident’s houses.

Interesting Spot in Kampung Warna-Warni Malang
This colorful village in Malang is very interesting, there are quite a lot of cool spots for your selfie photos background. Starting from the Embong Brantas Bridge with the background of Juanda village, in the narrow alleys of labyrinth-like settlements to the plain pink and sky-blue walls that are quite attractive to tourists as a backdrop for their photos.
Based on the results of my exploration at Jodipan Tourism Village (not yet had time for a full exploration), the following are the spots that tourists like as photos background:

1. Embong Brantas Bridge

Everyone who crosses the Embong Brantas bridge, which is located about 500 meters south of the Malang city station, will naturally be stunned when they see a colorful row of villages on the east side of the bridge. No wonder many tourists really like the view from this bridge that can see the entire Kampung Warna-Warni Jodipan and the Kesatrian Village beside it.
People who simply drive by vehicles usually slow down their pace to see this spectacular view. Coupled with tourists who enliven the bridge causing congestion can not be avoided, especially during peak hours.

2. Colorful Floors and Walls Under the Bridge

This is a fairly new spot, tourists who have just come to Kampung Warna-Warni in Jodipan before November 2016.
The location of this spot is located just below the Embong Brantas Bridge (south end). If from the entrance point (where to pay for admission) Jl. IR Juanda IA RT 09 (green ceramic gate) which is at the south end of the bridge, you will go down the stairs. Then turn left, there is a 3-dimensional picture of a wrestler on an orange wall. The end of the passageway is just below the bridge, where colorful walls ranging from pink, dark blue and green and floors that are also painted to resemble colorful halos. The bridge next to it which is also painted in color makes the background of the photo on the spot very attractive to visitors. No wonder, visitors take turns for photos with the background of the walls, floors and bridges.

3. Umbrella Alley

After leaving spot number 2, return to the first alley and turn left through a narrow alley we will go down the stairs. After a few steps, visitors will pass through the hallway of resident’s houses with colorful umbrellas hanging over it. The colorful umbrellas are also very attractive to visitors of Kampung Warna-Warni Malang. There are a number of kiosks and seating under umbrellas, so some visitors usually take a break from this place while occasionally selfie or wefie photos. Because this passageway is one of the main lines in the Juanda village complex, it’s hard to get a moment when this hallway is quiet.

4. Farmer Hats and 3-Dimensional T-Rex

A few steps from the umbrella, there is a spot that is also quite interesting. There is a 3-dimensional image engraving of a T-Rex and 9 colorful hats depicting Spongebob, Hello Kitty, Angry Birds, Pokemon on display next to the T-Rex image. There are also some farmer’s hats that visitors can use for free so that their appearance is more unique. For a 3-dimensional T-Rex image, the picture looks like a T-Rex that is ready to prey on its victims. Some visitors who take photos with the T-Rex are usually stylish as if ready to be eaten by it.
At first glance from the story of Kampung Warna-Warni Jodipan, let’s all change from small things by throwing garbage in its place. So that our village looks beautiful and clean. Or maybe we can paint our houses just like Kampung Warna-Warni Jodipan in Malang, so that it looks good and can increase the income of residents and also increase the city’s foreign exchange.

Eco News / Deny Sulviana Maharani
Translated by Bobby


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