Green Life Style : Easy and Healthy for Our Environment

At this time we have felt that during the day the earth gets hotter, the sun becomes more intense, the effects of ultraviolet light make the skin burn and redden. The decreasing amount of green land, the mushrooming of industries in big cities and the increasing number of vehicles passing on the highway contribute most of the air pollution which causes the depletion of the ozone layer.

Then what should we do as active young people? Various environmental care organizations are increasingly developing both in the city and district from small to large groups and continue to campaign for environmental sustainability and green life style. alth. How to?

  1. 05:00– Wake Up

Starting from waking up, do not forget to turn off the lights, do not forget to use energy saving lamps, do not use wasteful incandescent lamps. Currently there are LED (light emitting diode) lights that are energy efficient even though the price is quite expensive but can last several years.

  1. 06:00– Shower

Use enough water when bathing. Don’t use a shower because the shower can be so wasteful. But if you are used to, turn it off first before using soap or shampoo. So that it will save water.

  1. 07.00– Activity

Working out on a bike

Use public transportation when going to office, campus or school. If it’s near, use a bicycle. Transportation contribute 14% of greenhouse gas emissions that worsen the condition of global warming. Using a bicycle can reduce at least air pollution from vehicle fumes. Besides that, using a bicycle can also make the heart healthy.

  1. 08.00 – 11.59– Indoor Activity

When doing activities at work, campus or school, use the stairs if you only go up or down 1 or 2 floors. In addition to making a healthy body it will also greatly save electricity usage. Avoid printing paper for things that are not important, just use email. Pay all bills online. Turn off the computer monitor when not in use.

  1. 12.00 – Lunch

During lunch, Styrofoam is a no, because this material is difficult to decompose. Bring lunch from home or dine in. We can see the garbage in river dominated by floating Styrofoam. This material can be harmful to environment, also endanger health due to chemicals in it.

  1. 13.00– Shopping

It is a no for plastic bags, except those made from environmentally friendly materials and easily biodegradable. It’s better to bring your own bag when shopping. Choose products with minimal packaging, excessive packaging will only make the price higher and creating more waste.

  1. 1400-18.59– Sorting Garbage

Try to sort the trash, provide several trash bins that accommodate several types of garbage. Take advantage of waste by providing compost in neighborhoods. The waste can be sorted into organic and inorganic waste. Organic waste can be used as compost, while inorganic waste can be sorted into recycled products.

  1. 19.00-21.59 – Turn Off Air Conditioners

Try turning off the air conditioners and open the window so that we can feel a refreshing breeze. Turning off the air conditioners also save electricity and so our money.

  1. 22.00-04.59– Turn Off the Lights while Sleeping

Turn off the lights when going to sleep. If using air conditioner, set its timer. In addition to reducing electricity use, sleeping without turning on the lights makes the body healthy because one of the hormones called melatonin works at night and is optimal in dark or dim conditions.

These are easy steps that we can do every day to preserve nature and maintain the green of our earth. Simple things that start with yourself will have an impact on the surrounding environment.


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Eco News – Liya Amaliyah

Translated by Bobby

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