Are You a Smart Millennial? Try these 8 Zero Waste Lifestyle from Lauren Singer

Since 2013, Lauren Singer from New York, United States, has implemented a zero waste lifestyle in every activity. She tried to produce as little garbage as possible. It is indeed difficult to emulate directly all of Lauren’s act, but we can start with the one that best fits us first, how? Come on, be a savior of the environment with Lauren, this is her zero waste activity.

  1. Using Environmentally Friendly Equipment

Anyone like to bring lunch to office or school? Lauren has tips. He does not use plastic as a food container, but uses a mason jar or container made from the same ingredients as jam containers. You must know right? Besides being unique, you are challenged to look different. Cool, right?

Lauren also always uses reusable equipment that can be used multiple times, non-toxic or slightly containing chemicals, and non-plastic. Lauren also uses a toothbrush with bamboo material even stainless steel straws. Wow! No plastic no toxic, dear.

  1. Buy Used Clothes

Active internet users certainly know that there are many good used clothing sellers now. Lauren is still fashionable and beautiful even if she uses used clothes! What is the goal? Reducing waste from the production of new clothes, of course. Let’s try looking for used clothes.

  1. Use a Cloth Bag Instead of Plastic Bag when Shopping

Have we often read recommendations to bring our own bags when shopping? Already in practice yet? Nah, this beautiful Lauren even prepares small cloth bags for the place of rice, beans, and bread she bought. In addition, she also always carries her own egg container. That way, Lauren is truly free from plastic packaging. It is clear as sky that everything used by Lauren is reusable. Dare to be a plastic-free agent like Lauren? If not now, then when?

  1. Wash Clothes Yourself

Going home from work late in the evening, school and college make us forget about the time because there are so many assignments. Wash clothes, leave it to the laundry, huh. Efficient, practical and clean, of course. What if it turns out that laundry waste is damaging the environment? Unaware, we also take part in this destructive activity. Start washing your own clothes like Lauren. Lauren also avoids dry cleaning services because it uses cleaning agents that can damage the environment. Initially it was difficult, but if you washed the clothes you used every time you took a shower, the admin was sure, your clothes would not stack. If it’s not much, you won’t go to the laundry right? Lets wash our clothes by our hand!

  1. Buy Bulk Shampoo and Conditioner

Lauren is really cool. She did not pay attention to certain brands for bath equipment. Even bring her own container to buy shampoo. Lauren’s intention is not to produce garbage even a little. When buying shampoo, toothpaste, and bulk conditioners, Lauren brings glass bottles that are also reusable. Again Lauren can be free from plastic packaging. Reportedly, she also often makes her own shampoo and toothpaste. Interested in buying bulk products?

  1. Replace Cleaning Products with White Vinegar

Lauren uses vinegar to clean glass, table, soak dirty clothes, and mop the floor instead of using cleaning products. Of course in an appropriate level. You can try by looking further at how to use it on the internet.

  1. Make Your Own Coffee

Even though she was young and lived in New York, Lauren didn’t like buying coffee at Starbucks. She prefers to mix her own coffee because then she can avoid disposable paper cups. Every now and then can you buy it, but don’t forget to dispose the trash in its place.

  1. Make Beauty Products and DIY Cleaning Products

Lauren prefers to reduce the use of make-up and relies on recipes made from organic ingredients such as deodorant substitutes and body butter recipes. For matters of cleaning clothes and cutlery, Lauren chose natural ingredients. Lauren also helped spread the recipe by establishing This brand sells natural-based cleaning products that are certainly environmentally friendly. Well, you can also steal Lauren’s ideas by relying on ingredients such as baking soda, vinegar, citrus, and essential oils as cleaning products.

Young, beautiful, and living in a big city does not prevent Lauren from implementing the zero-waste lifestyle! Lauren is trying to transmit this lifestyle to all through an Instagram account and a blog titled

Let’s practice Lauren’s eco-friendly lifestyle. You can start with the easiest one for you. So the environment preservation is not the responsibility of a particular one, this responsibility is borne by everyone in the world. Don’t be ignorant, don’t neglect, right away, environmental damage continues to occur every second, the practice of maintaining environmental sustainability cannot wait. Do it now!


Dian/Eco News by Great

Nurul Cho/Eco News by Great

Translated by Bobby



Pictures were taken from Google: Lauren Singer

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